I am always writing about interesting and unusual design and art that I see as I am hopping around this wild and wonderful world we live in.  I thought for a change I would put up something more personal…something about a new aspect of my design business that I am very excited about. It is called The Curated Manse.

Basically, The Curated Manse is a unique way to see the design potential of an apartment you are purchasing through top level virtual design. It also provides the ability to furnish a home or an apartment with top level interior design assistance and stylish and curated furnishings via an excellent turn-key service we offer.

Shields & Company Interiors, began this part of our interior design business in order to satisfy a client from India who was moving into a spectacular penthouse apartment in New York City and wanted everything picked out and executed quickly. The entire project was completed by communicating through our fabulous renderings.  AND our wonderful client…for she definitely was one…had no need to travel to New York City to envision the final results of her project.

I must emphasize that we are talking about high end turn-key design, which begins with the client receiving beautifully executed renderings completely detailed, showing what each room will look … down to each itty-bitty detail  so that there are no surprises. That also includes everything needed to live comfortably in the apartment or home: fine art, accessories, TV and stereo equipment, plus towels, dishes, pots & pans…you name it…all is selected before the completion of the project.

We have executed some very luxurious projects at some of the best addresses in New York City, as well as renderings for several new real estate development projects undertaken by major firms and brokers here in the city.

I should emphasize that The Curated Manse provides its unique services to all levels of interior design, commercial and residential.

Recently, we completed a simpler project  with Mondo Collection of a total makeover of a two-bedroom suite at the Lombardy Hotel in midtown Manhattan. I think you will enjoy this terrific video walk through put together by Alan Barry please take a peek:

If you are looking for a fabulous place to stay when you visit New York City  you can always book this suite for you and your family! I know you will find it more than comfortable and luxurious for a hotel suite. AND, don’t forget to mention to the front desk that you know the design team that completed the renovation & design, The Curated Manse Team at Shields & Company!

Ciao, ciao…’til next time!

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Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall White Bedroom Linens

Daniel VanHall “The Design Escort” and co-owner of Shields & Company Interiors shares a fantastic bedroom in the heart of New York City done with chic white bedding. No matter what style or color scheme your room is you will always make a good impression with all white. A bed takes up a lot of expensive real estate so it must look good and be comfortable. The look can be achieved on any budget by shopping economically at Bed Bath & Beyond or at higher end custom shops like Casa Del Bianco where Daniel put together this beautiful all Italian linen bed ensemble with white sheets, white quilted coverlet and white duvet cover and pillow cases with an elegant blue stitched detailing.


One thing you can say about me is that I love to be interviewed and in front of a camera…especially when doing it on the fly!  I find I am at my best when winging it and just so stiff and miserable when I have practiced a speech or a presentation.  That’s just my personality, I suppose.

So, when Gary Buxbaum of Hailey Furniture Group invited me over to do a live stream interview about myself and my business I didn’t give it a second thought.  Actually, I didn’t even ask him what he was going to ask me.  Truth be told, my head is so full of interiors design stories and details I should really write a book entitled “Interior Design: The Good, The Bad / The Beautiful, The Ugly”!

Okay, only kidding…I think!

Today’s post is that very live stream video that was generated in July.  You will have an opportunity to see me in action and learn a lot about my new business at Shields & Company called “The Curated Manse.”

Daniel and I now generate for the Real Estate industry some rather exquisite interior design driven virtual renderings that will blow your sox off.    And, we are involved in providing model apartments, sales offices, luxury rentals and high end staging for new development marketing here in NYC as well as for high end real estate brokers selling those kazillion dollars apartments.

Hope you enjoy the opportunity to see me talk the talk of interior design!


Ciao, ciao ’til next time!

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A Few Favorite Things To Inspire Any Interior Design Project

Daniel VanHall, “The Design Escort”, and co-owner of Shields & Company Interiors shares some of his favorite inspirations:

Crystals on Chandeliers and tassels on pillows

Silk mohair sofas and bright gilded mirrors

Herringbone wood floors and wool Persian rugs

These are a few of my favorite things


Light colored limestone on fireplace mantels

Crisp white linens on four poster king beds

Chinoiserie wallpaper lavish with birds

These are few of my favorite things


Foyers with white and black polished marbles

Vintage antiques and vases with flowers  

Windows with lush drapery and views

These are few of my favorite things


When the space bites

When the décor stinks

When I’m feeling ill

I simply bring in all my favorite things

And then I don’t feel so bad!

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Shop Like A Professional With Insider Secrets

Daniel Vanhall, “The Design Escort”, and co-owner of Shields & Company Interiors shares a fabulous source for contemporary furnishings that is not known to the general public at large. The Dennis Miller Associates Showroom is a hot spot for designers who are “in the know” and looking for knockout pieces to wow their clients. Daniel is spreading the word to his followers in an effort to enlighten people who are assembling a home or just hungry for great design and a change of pace from the mundane big box retail stores. Fine furniture makers like Jiun Ho and Wendell Castle are just a couple of artisans available specifically at Dennis Miller that will make any interior sing whether it is designed by a pro or not!

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