Paris is still the city to visit if you want to stay in a fabulously chic and sophisticated boutique hotel.  I use as a supreme example, the distinct Hotel Du Petit Moulin, located in the Marais District of Paris on Rue du Poitou.

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The Marais District, with a rich history  dating back to the 13th Century,  is where today one finds The Picasso Museum and the Opéra Bastille , as well as charming boutiques, cafes, restaurants and the latest fashion finds.  With all of this in mind, enter stage left the outrageously talented Christian Lacroix, who, as you now from previous blogs on Dezignlicious, has ventured into the wild and wonderful world of interior design.

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Lacroix is responsible for the titillating  update of the Hotel Du Petit Moulin.  It is full throttle Lacroix with bright colors,…THINK RED… mixed patterns and an array of exciting furnishings…and all with an upbeat French insouciante.

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I am totally and completely smitten by the ingenuity of Lacroix’s and his take on interior design. I definitely chalk  it all up to his place as a top fashion designer of  haute couture.  He is “dressing” the rooms much like he dressed his runway models…totally devoid of any inhibition and looking to create a haute couture of interiors that is both memorable and distinctive.  Yea for Lacroix…I love it!

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Interestingly enough, I have always been an admirer of his fashion sense but never saw myself wearing any of his clothing. I have also always enjoyed his inspirations in the furniture world, although in the past, most of his ideas pushed the envelope into beautiful but some what cartoon-like pieces that would be hard pressed to find comfortable accommodations in most homes.

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Well for this lady, Lacroix has finally found his interior design groove, so to speak.  Actually, his designs for Roche Bobois have always been super attractive to me.  There he has mixed the past with the present…always with a French orientation…and added his touch for colorful + exciting fabrics to reinvent the classic French bergere, chaise or fauteuil.

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Whatever your taste is in interior design and whether you prefer traditional or contemporary interiors you have got to admit that no one does it like Christian Lacroix.  AND wouldn’t you just like to spend at least one night in the Hotel Du Petit Moulin?

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Ciao, ciao ’til next time!

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