With another year drawing to close…yikes, they go fast lately…I always like to reflect on what I have written about and what I have experienced over the past year and share my favorite items and experiences with my readers.

Truth be told, I see so many fabulous pieces that it is hard to compile this “short list” sometimes.  However, it does sort of close out one year in the world of design for me and get me ready to see what new and dezignlicious things await me in the year to come.

Over the years, I have learned that the world of art and design is a bottomless pit of “terrifics” and “wonderfuls” and “to die fors” which is probably what keeps this passionate interior designer working and writing.


Nothing captivates me more than an artistic piece of studio furniture. The idea that something kind of has one foot in the world of art and the other in the world of furnishings delights me.  If it was up to me, I would opt for form over function any time!  Some of the best studio furniture is created by Elizabeth in this delightful Charly Cabinet…and you can see this beauty as well as other pieces designed by her at the Ralph Pucci Showroom here in New York City.


I am totally captivated by the photography of Marilyn Minter. It is so other-worldly and sexual and naughty and stunning all at the same time. I had the good fortune to attend a private talk with the artist at her studio here in the city and I have been a huge fan ever since.  This is one of my favorites and it is called “Siren”…and yes, I want it!


Veve makes some of the most beautiful Murano glass pieces and I have often used them in my interior design work. I think their customizable RGB Glass Curtain / Room Divider deserves a standing ovation for exceptional design concept. I simply adore the idea of dividing up a huge modern space with a “peek-a-boo,” colorful Murano glass screen, don’t you?  Not to mention how gorgeous the glass looks with any type of light shining through it…simply divine!


I met with the team at J Schatz when I was out in Los Angeles this year and fell in love with everything they do. Their  hand crafted wall of ceramic tiles is their signature piece and it can be easily customized into indoor or outdoor projects. The price point for the tiles is also quite reasonable, especially when you think about the great product you are buying. This is just another fantastic idea that takes your design into the  beyond ordinary category!


The Terranova Coffee Table is what I like to call a “to die for” piece of furniture. It’s totally unique, ultra thick slab of Statuary Marble is beyond fantastic.  KGBL…who I have written about several times…uses all of their materials in a way that truly makes each and everyone of their designs outstanding. This is definitely a table I would love to have in front of my sofa! How about you?


Priveekollektie Contemporary Art/Design  presented the Golden Lagoon Table and Champagne Chairs by designer Reinier Bosch at The Salon Art + Design show this year and I was totally blown away by the pieces. I am madly in love with the drippy gold details! The contrast between the sophisticated look of the  dining table and the simplicity of the chairs takes it’s design success up a notch for me. Basically,  I would kill to own them, even if you couldn’t use the table as a real dining room table!

With the closing out of this year, I wish one and all a life filled with beautiful things that delight the eyes and bring joy and comfort to your life!

Ciao , ciao ’til 2016!


I had the good fortune to have the privilege of spending some time with MEGAN REILLY, the energetic blonde who is the MARKETING DIRECTOR of the fabulous ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST HOME DESIGN SHOW, which is coming to town on MARCH 22 – 25. That is this week, folks, so get your dezign juices flowing!  I plied her with tons of questions hoping to give you all the heads up on what to expect at this year’s show.

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In a post last week  I wrote about this fabulous line of furnishings from the Italian fashion house, MISSONI which I saw in the window of DDC while I was walking to work. Everything was simply “I want to buy this immediately” as far as I was concerned. But such beauty is usually priced accordingly, as I have learned over the years.

The very next day my design assistant, Viviana Fernandez…a veritable Missoni Enthusiast…came into my office with this article she had read in the latest issue of House Beautiful magazine about a similar new line of  furnishings and home decor that MISSONI was producing for TARGET…equally beautiful, but of course , not at the same price point and definitely not the same products as the line being manufactured for DDC. However, my interest was definitely piqued. So I want to quickly pass this information on to you as a follow up since it is so indicative of the design world today.

Viviana is a design student at Parsons, and was totally thrilled about being able to purchase such stylish gems at a price point that matched her pocketbook. I asked her to write about the article and I think you will enjoy reading what she has to say :

“I could not believe what I saw while browsing the latest issue of House Beautiful this week…the fabulous Missoni House is coming to Target! For those of you who don’t know, Missoni is an Italian fashion house famous in the industry for its unique knitwear, made from a variety of fabrics in colorful patterns. Since Missoni’s founding in 1953, it has grown into a global luxury brand and remains a highly regarded Italian label. Like other fashion houses, they quickly moved their way into the realm of home fashion and furniture.

The  MISSONI HOME FOR TARGET line is playful, vibrant and colorfully exuberant.Everyone easily recognizes the zigzag  motif and the wild color combinations. So you can imagine that I was extremely excited when I read that this new collection was being introduced as an affordable, limited-edition collection for the home and would include such home goods as bedding, dinnerware, stationary and decorative items. And here is the BEST PART: the prices will range from $2.99 to  $599.00!!!!!

Everything will be available starting September 13, 2011, at stores and on line at So mark your calendars and go get yourself a few Missoni products. Try adding some signature zigzags to your pristine white bed or hand me down couch and you’ll instantly start transforming your space.  Using key accessories from the home line will give a dull room an instant pop of color and life. No matter where you live…in a city apartment, in a beach cottage,or a suburban home…these highly styled home products will be just the decorating pick me up you need.”

As another Missoni Enthusiast I am as thrilled to see this level of home product dezign being made available to a larger audience.  No one can argue with good dezign at an affordable price. Finding a wonderful accessory or piece of furniture you love in the right price range  is one of the greatest pleasures of the hunt. And hip hip hooray to Target for  stepping up to the plate, once again! Undoubtedly, I will now definitely have to include Target in my hunting ground!

Here are a few more zigs and zags from the Target collection…all of them equally chic and stylish:

Ciao ciao ’til next time!


I walk past the contemporary design store, DDC, on Madison and 34th Street in NYC, practically every day on my way to my office. There isn’t a day I don’t stop to stare in the windows at the chic modern furniture. Last week I was blown away by a colorful display of original furniture and bedding and towels, and did a quick 360 and went inside to get the nitty gritty on who was responsible for these marvelous new products.


Unbeknown to me, the famous fashion house of MISSIONI is now in the furnishing and bedding and towel business. Not sure why I am so surprised to learn this as everyone seems to be creeping into everyone else’s territory these days.  Remember when a drug store only sold medicine and health products?


At the mention of the name the MISSONI one’s mind conjures up a clear picture of the high end clothing produced by the company. Noted for a fashion line that is both colorful and full of pattern, their iconic design patterns are notoriously famous and what makes them so recognizable. Now you can indulge yourself and sleep and bathe in these luscious patterns. How cool is that?


Not only are they doing the most fabulous sheeting and a towels but they also have the hottest looking fabric shades I have seen in a quite some time. The colors are bright and fiesta-like and are bound to add a a lot of sugar and spice to a room.


The whole look is about bold colorful designs that you might think would clash with each other but look simply fantabulous together! It is better than being in Wonderland and I know Alice would agree. The patterns are really quite beautiful and outstanding. And you can’t make a mistake by putting the wrong pattern with the wrong stripe…everything goes with everything else!!!


Isn’t the over sized scale enticing? The lounge chair looks cozy enough for you and your significant other and the kidz and the dog and maybe a friend or two!



You must take a look at the area rugs they produce to go along with the bedding and ottomans and oversize chairs. They are simply ornate and fascinatingly colorful and act as great foils for the rest of the furnishings.

Walked out of the showroom feeling just tickled hot pink…and golden yellow…and lavender blue…and moss green…and light purple…and orange red… I think you get the gist!!!


Ciao, ciao ‘ til next time!