Okay ladies and gentlemen, I have decided to help you out by high tailing it over to one of my favorite museum stores, THE STORE, at MAD, aka MUSEUM OF ARTS AND DESIGN in NYC and do a little advanced hunting and pecking into some really cool gifts for the upcoming day for lovers worldwide, VALENTINES DAY. This way there is no excuse to give/get that ordinary box of chocolates!

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I first met DARCY MIRO at a Kips Bay Show House event a few years back. Since then I have developed a wonderful friendship with her which is based on a mutual admiration for each others’ talents.  For me, Darcy is the real deal when it comes to being an exceptional artist. I am particularly mesmerized by the electrifying  one of a kind jewelry pieces she creates out of sterling silver , white bronze and  gold.

Although I originally went to her home studio in Brooklyn to see the lighting , pulls and wall installations she creates…which merit another blog post in the future…I was immediately smitten by her wearable jewelry. One needs to clarify this, as each piece she makes is really a small sculpture, reflecting her interest in the most minute details she encounters in her daily life and how different surfaces  and textures juxtapose with one another.

Her pieces are almost raw and unfinished looking , with “stitches” and “holes”  and “jagged edges” adding a roughness to the final look. This is not your ordinary refined look in jewelry. It has an edginess that is in your face, and I love that.

Her rings and earrings sometimes have a prehistoric quality to them and also make me think of some free form modernistic metal sculpture.  And, don’t think that you buy her earrings in pairs. When I fell in love with a fabulous large circular silver earring with a small black diamond in it, she then carefully advised me that the earring had no match and quickly helped me locate an equally beautiful “one” to wear in my other ear!

Now here is the best part of the deal.  She is currently having an installation of her work at E.R. Butler & Company ( 212.925.3565) in Manhattan until November 27th, and you will be able to see the exciting work of the talented DARCY MIRO up front and personal for yourself…Email me and let me know what you think!




Last week I traveled up to Brimfield, Massachusetts in order   to participate in an unique event.Suzanne Sokolov from BOOST MARKETING NYC and I had  decided to join in on a Tweet-Up  (#BRIMFIELD)centered around  the Brimfield Antiques & Collectibles Shows. The event was organized by THE DAILY BASICS.COM and GABOUCHONDESIGNS.COM and sponsored by BENJAMIN MOORE PAINTS ,TRADITIONAL HOME MAGAZINE, BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS MAGAZINE, GE MONOGRAM, PANDORA DE BATHAZAR, and AUBOCHON HARDWARE. How terrific was that…a chance to look and shop (always a plus plus in my mind) as well as an opportunity to interact with my fellow design bloggers. We had  a blast meeting everyone and tweeting away about all of our finds while out on the hunt …often trudging through mud and water to reach one of the antique shows!   But don’t you worry, we never failed to stop for cocktail hour…after all, all work and no play makes an interior designer/blogger quite dull!


For all of you who do not know about the BRIMFIELD ANTIQUE & COLLECTIBLES SHOWS , which is held three times a year, it occupies over a 1 mile strip and is host to 5000 antique dealers of all levels.  Your cup will absolutely runneth over here. There is definitely something for everyone and anyone , be they collector or amateur shopper.  As you walk about you can tell the “pros” from the “non-pros”, but everyone is treated equally by the dealers, so not to worry.  The advice out on the street is not to hesitate if you see something you want because nine times out of ten it won’t be there when you return.




I am rather relaxed when on the hunt for something great and wonderful. No anxiety, no worry…just quickly scanning with my eyes. After all of these years I can zero in on that special item that stands out amongst all of the extraneous stuff. Something  has to be really marvelous to entice me.  I am looking for  authenticity and value. I am just not a junk collector, and trust me there is plenty of junk to be found at Brimfield.

Here a some of my “authentic” finds and the dealers that were selling them.  These dealers are definitely the real McCoy and super knowledgeable about what they are selling. If you like what they sell, contact them and I guarantee you will end up with something not only beautiful, but worth the money you pay for it.

These fabulous tribal pieces are from FRANKLY SCARLET. The beaded mask on the left is from  Camaroon, Africa and would make a great wall hanging in a contemporary or ultra modern room. The outrageous collection of antique ivory bracelets on the right are extremely rare and quite old. Although they could be worn (I tried each one on!) they would probably look best mounted on black wire stands and displayed together. FYI the owners of FRANKLY SCARLET are licensed to sell ivory, a controlled product due to the illegal trafficking of ivory around the world.  They investigate all  of their sources to validate the legal provenance of the ivory.




GLIMMER GLASS ANTIQUES had the most elegant collection of glass items from the Victorian era on display.  I was totally smitten by the sugar shakers from the 1890’s and the exquisite pitcher collection from the same era.

Everything was in excellent condition and the range of colors of the glass pieces was extensive. And if your are lucky enough to meet the owner of the company, Scott Roland, he will give you a detailed history of the glass items and how they came to be designed, a history lesson worth taking!





Being a jewelry-holic I was mesmerized by one dealer, OLIVIA GARAY VINTAGE JEWELRY. She had the most extensive and sophisticated collection I saw…Hermes, Chanel, Robert Lee Morris, Spratling Mexican silver pieces, French Bakelite,  and so forth and so on!  Everything was in perfect condition.


I also discovered that she has a permanent open market stand on the corner of East 70th Street and Third Avenue in Manhattan where she sells her jewelry! Apparently she has a steady following of the rich and famous that show up at that location whenever they are in town. Kind of an interesting story, don’t you think? Now  you know I am going to high tail it over there and check it out!



All in all the experience gets an A++ in my book.  Discovery and enlightenment always work for me!








One day while perusing the New York Times Women’s Fashion Magazine I saw the picture above and thought to myself what fabulous jewelry the models were wearing…if you haven’t realized this yet I am nuts for artisan jewelry. The article attributed the “jewels” to KATE CUSACK.

Upon further research on line I discovered that Kate Cusack makes her jewelry totally out of zippers…yes zippers! Blue, green, black, red…the colors combined with the silver or gold teeth of the zippers have an unusual textural effect and create unique and imaginative “jewels” for those with equal taste.

Using some technique that I cannot even fathom, Cusack manipulates zippers like they are supple materials meant to adorn the neck and wrists or to fancy up a dress or jacket. They are wrapped, spread, turned, and folded until they are no longer zippers but appear like beads and bangles. I am truly impressed with her abilities and creativity…aren’t you?

 Cusack   describes the inspiration behind her jewelry as   trying to create an “a-ha moment” for the viewer, something so intrinsic to the creative process of all good design work:

“There is an exciting “a-ha” moment when someone realizes that there is more to the design they are looking at–from sponges to saran-wrap to zippers.All of my experiences from costume design, to window display and sculptural/wearable creations culminate in the Zipper Jewelry. They all relate to the body, and combine theatrical influences and my love for the transformation of unusual materials”

In my ever lasting desire to bring to you what I consider the wild and wonderful things I find on my hunts I’d like to give out with a big “Hip Hip Hooray” to Cusack’s  ingenuity ! By the way, you can easily order her jewels on her web site katecusack.com…you know that I’ve already ordered mine.






Ciao, ciao ‘ til next time!