Where in the world would you sunbathe in New York City in a fur coat? Yes, you can do that! One very cold, but sunny day in December, after a super delicious brunch at my favorite haunt, CAPSUOTO FRERES in Tribeca, I convinced my husband that the time had come to do the deed, and take a stroll along the newly renovated High Line in downtown Manhattan. ( Ed.Note: For those concerned about the fur coat this one is totally PC/ recycled!)

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I was invited  to participate in the breakfast for the Press…yes I am considered a member of the Press…in order to review HOLIDAY HOUSE, a terrific designer’s event that donates all of it’s money to the GREATER NEW YORK CITY AFFILIATE OF SUSAN G.KOMEN FOR THE CURE, an organization that raises money for breast cancer research. This was a win-win for me, as: #1. I have been a supporter of this charity for several years. #2. I relish the opportunity to view the work of my peers, as I know how difficult it is to pull off something fantastic in such a short time.

The designers are allowed to select a holiday or special moment in their life as the theme for their room. All of the designers who participated should be given gold stars for doing the deed, and commended on their charitable efforts. I think everyone did a terrific job this year and you will enjoy seeing each and every one of the rooms.

What I would like to do now is to whet your appetite for visiting the house, so I am going to show you my favs and let me know if you agree.

When you enter the house you will immediately walk into the foyer which was designed by my good friends Benjamin Bradley and David Thiergartner. They did such a fantastic job of camouflaging a once grand limestone encrusted entry that I decided to take a video of the room so you could really appreciate their vision. What I loved primarily about their design is that not one “stone”…a bit of a pun,sorry… was left unturned. The theme is “Christmas …(with a Mediterranean Twist)” and every element in the room looks dezignlicious! Please notice in the video the fantabulous fruit, floral and ribbon installation around the passageways, all created and executed by this highly creative duo.

Do not fail to miss the piano in Charles Pavarini III’s room, “Opening Night.” Aside from being grand and beautiful it is one of those pianos that plays by itself…my kind of piano! It’s a Bechstein 190 Concert Grand Player Piano , and, according to Charles, you can connect it to every other possible electronic devise, including the TV, and have the most wonderful music playing throughout your house at the click of button! He also has some stunning pieces from John Salibello Antiques and two paintings by Charlotte Park from Spanierman Galleries that are superb.

James Rixner’s chocolate brown  and blood red room, appropriately called ” Valentines Day” is wonderful. The over sized area rug on the floor  from Tibetano is a big winner in my book, and the decor is highlighted with stylish red chairs and pillows and paintings that make the overall look perfect. It is all wrapped up in eatable chocolate walls and waiting to be devoured by your eyes!

If you want to see gorgeous walls done up in a custom paper in the most yummy flavor of purple head straight to Eileen Kathryn Boyd’s room. The name of the room is “Sunday Morning”, and the shades of purple and green make the room shine  and sing, and will put you in the absolute best mood. The furnishings are luxurious and you can instantly tell how talented Eileen is with integrating classic design and strong colors into a space.

The theme of Jolie Korek’s room was “Chanukah” and I was told by Ms. Korek that many of the items in the room were donated by The Jewish Museum. The most fascinating thing in the room was a large floor mirror leaning against the wall with  a large TV screen in it showing scenes and information related to the Chanukah holiday. And there is also a new fabric from Romo on the club chairs made out of glass beads that is definitely a ‘numero uno.’

Suzanne Eason did a stunning room based around the theme of “Halloween”. Her inspiration was Edgar Allan Poe’s poem, “The Raven”, and she used a custom wallpaper by Trove to encase the room under a canopy of birds in flight. Her room is exciting to look at, and offers an up scaled adult interpretation of a children’s holiday. I particularly like her taking liberty and using  purple with the classic ‘Halloween orange’…maybe we should lobby for a change, and zsazs up Halloween a little????  Incidentally, that is a picture of Eason’s room at the top of this post…love the tile around the fireplace!


As we are approaching the season to be jolly and charitable, try and not miss this year’s Holiday House. The house will stay open until December 11, so there is plenty of time to go and see this little gem of a show house and participate in raising awareness and money for a terrific cause.




When one decides to participate in an interior design charity event there is no better feeling than satisfaction of a job well done. Working this year on DESIGN ON A DIME to help raise money for HOUSINGWORKS was extremely pleasurable. The design community is always super enthusiastic and supportive of well done efforts and this feel-good feeling definitely spills over into your work.  The other great thing  is that you get to interact with many people you have never  met before from the design industry.,

I have a sweet follow-up story related to that evening which I must pass on to all of you ………..

The story involves the CLICDINER CHAIR, a limited edition chair from TRESPA , which was in my vignette. The chair was donated by Robin Sanders from BOOSTMARKETINGNYC , who had won it at an ASID event. When I was scrounging around for donations and bemoaning my inability to find a great small modern chair she quickly came to the rescue and offered it. Truth be told, she adored it, but couldn’t find a place for it in her home and confessed to me it had been sitting in a closet for several months!

I didn’t even know what the chair looked like until we put it together…yes, you have to click pieces together to form an actual chair!  It was love at first sight, and I thought it simply was the perfect final design touch to the space.

Unbeknown to me,the Clicdiner Chair was purchased by Cindy Allen, editor in chief of INTERIOR DESIGN MAGAZINE, and we  subsequently saw it  featured on their web site, DESIGNWIRE.  We couldn’t resist contacting Cindy to find out the true demise of the chair…was it for her? was it a gift for someone? was it going into her office or home? Cindy was kind enough to respond to our inquiries, and send us some great photos of our beloved click chair.

Fortunately for the chair,  it is now happily residing in her lovely home! It’s nice to know this iconic chair resides with someone who truly appreciates its design and originality.

Happy endings are always the best!!!

Ciao, ciao ’til Monday!