I am always writing about interesting and unusual design and art that I see as I am hopping around this wild and wonderful world we live in.  I thought for a change I would put up something more personal…something about a new aspect of my design business that I am very excited about. It is called The Curated Manse.

Basically, The Curated Manse is a unique way to see the design potential of an apartment you are purchasing through top level virtual design. It also provides the ability to furnish a home or an apartment with top level interior design assistance and stylish and curated furnishings via an excellent turn-key service we offer.

Shields & Company Interiors, began this part of our interior design business in order to satisfy a client from India who was moving into a spectacular penthouse apartment in New York City and wanted everything picked out and executed quickly. The entire project was completed by communicating through our fabulous renderings.  AND our wonderful client…for she definitely was one…had no need to travel to New York City to envision the final results of her project.

I must emphasize that we are talking about high end turn-key design, which begins with the client receiving beautifully executed renderings completely detailed, showing what each room will look … down to each itty-bitty detail  so that there are no surprises. That also includes everything needed to live comfortably in the apartment or home: fine art, accessories, TV and stereo equipment, plus towels, dishes, pots & pans…you name it…all is selected before the completion of the project.

We have executed some very luxurious projects at some of the best addresses in New York City, as well as renderings for several new real estate development projects undertaken by major firms and brokers here in the city.

I should emphasize that The Curated Manse provides its unique services to all levels of interior design, commercial and residential.

Recently, we completed a simpler project  with Mondo Collection of a total makeover of a two-bedroom suite at the Lombardy Hotel in midtown Manhattan. I think you will enjoy this terrific video walk through put together by Alan Barry please take a peek:

If you are looking for a fabulous place to stay when you visit New York City  you can always book this suite for you and your family! I know you will find it more than comfortable and luxurious for a hotel suite. AND, don’t forget to mention to the front desk that you know the design team that completed the renovation & design, The Curated Manse Team at Shields & Company!

Ciao, ciao…’til next time!


One thing you can say about me is that I love to be interviewed and in front of a camera…especially when doing it on the fly!  I find I am at my best when winging it and just so stiff and miserable when I have practiced a speech or a presentation.  That’s just my personality, I suppose.

So, when Gary Buxbaum of Hailey Furniture Group invited me over to do a live stream interview about myself and my business I didn’t give it a second thought.  Actually, I didn’t even ask him what he was going to ask me.  Truth be told, my head is so full of interiors design stories and details I should really write a book entitled “Interior Design: The Good, The Bad / The Beautiful, The Ugly”!

Okay, only kidding…I think!

Today’s post is that very live stream video that was generated in July.  You will have an opportunity to see me in action and learn a lot about my new business at Shields & Company called “The Curated Manse.”

Daniel and I now generate for the Real Estate industry some rather exquisite interior design driven virtual renderings that will blow your sox off.    And, we are involved in providing model apartments, sales offices, luxury rentals and high end staging for new development marketing here in NYC as well as for high end real estate brokers selling those kazillion dollars apartments.

Hope you enjoy the opportunity to see me talk the talk of interior design!


Ciao, ciao ’til next time!


If this little lady doesn’t do it for you I don’t know what will. She’s part of an extensive line of hand made accessories from a creative company in London called SPINA. I actually wrote about them a ways back…they make the most  gorgeous tie backs I have ever seen in the industry…unmatched for their design and extent of materials employed in their execution. Now I am going to fill you in on the extraordinary hand-made accessories that they manufacture, including footstools, throws, cushions and trimmings.  Incidentally, the exquisite bar stool…yes, bar stool…above is fringed in modern metal chain adorned with pink and peridot crystals interspersed with pink pearls draping from the seat to the floor…unbeatable!

Think out of the box when it comes to their throws:


This cutie pie  is a throw made out of faceted Swarovski crystals threaded with a soft yarn!









This one is made out of a soft and cozy ‘fur’ with a  crystal pearl and chainette fringe and lined in satin…sounds ready for me to “throw it” on my shoulders and go out dancing!











Now get set for the footstools, aka ottomans as we call them in the States:


This seductive beauty is trimmed in a brilliant fringe made of jet crystal beads and upholstered in a rich black satin with deep buttoning on top. I particularly like the over sized scale of the fringe to the upholstery. Definitely a winner in my book.







And lest we not forget about a little touch of gold…pink gold that is…executed in a cobra skin chain mixed with a silk damask.  I’d like to see this fringe with a contemporary fabric…that would make it more to my dezign liking.








Here is the ultimate fringe look: an entire wall of French satin ribbons all  aglow with crystal pieces.  SPINA sees this as a movable curtain that could be used in a media room, or to conceal bookcases or open closeting that you need access to frequently, as in a dressing room or a woman’s office…how cool would that be?  It would probably be off the charts in a high end office for some female CEO. AND you cannot deny that this definitely gives new meaning to the word fringe!








They also have a softer, more transparent look which is made out of pearls and crystals.  This idea could be a room divider, but, as they suggest, would probably be a win/win as a part of a window treatment.  Totally seductive and yet elegant at the same time.









Just to satisfy your curiousity about how that might look, here is a picture of the lead crystal room divider being used in a window.  I think it is a fabulously original look that would work particularly well in a dressing room, a bathroom, a bedroom…and for those of you who are perhaps more shy, a solid shade behind it would do the trick!







Ciao, ciao ’til next time!



I love the discovery of fabulous design source that nobody else  knows about …some source that is so far off the beaten path that you have to know somebody who knows somebody who is in touch with somebody , etc….I think you get the picture. Quite accidentally, while meeting with a potential client in Los Angeles, who had a project for me in New York City, I got introduced to the elegant handwoven silk fabrics designed and produced in Laos by Carol Cassidy. When I saw them I knew that I had to find a way to start including them in my design work…they were really precious silk jewels executed in brilliant colors and patterns that immediately appealed to my dezign sense.

These are the real McCoy….AND Cassidy is an incomparable weaver of luxurious textiles. Cassidy came to Vientiane, Laos in 1989 as an American UN worker.  At that time, she saw an opportunity to start a business using her talents as a weaver in a country with a great tradition in weaving. Her company operates out of old French villa…France, you might remember, created Laos  when it created Indochina in 1893…and Lao Textiles, the name of her company, is one of the  success stories coming out of that country today.

Cassidy, who studied weaving at the University of Michigan and the University of Helsinki in Finland, has 32 weavers operating hand looms and produces “one of a kind” pieces for the the high end foreign interior design market. Her scarves, curtains, pillows, wall hangings, and much more are sold in upscale stores and museums and commissioned not only by designers from Hollywood to New York City, but by royalty as well. Her choices of colors are luxurious, and the patterns exquisite, and the hand craftsmanship exceptional by today’s standards.

The history behind the weaving industry in Laos, is that intricately woven silk fabrics were status symbols for the dead.  A woman would often weave a skirt in preparation for her own funeral. Parents believed clothing acted like ” lucky charms” and had significant power over newborns, often  wrapping their babies in fabrics that took several weeks to create and weave. Cassidy’s reinvention of this industry has served to rescue a cultural heritage that would have long ago been forgotten.

One of my favorite ways to incorporate Cassidy’s silk woven fabrics into my interiors is to use them as table top.  The runners are simply beautiful by themselves as finishing touches for dining room tables. When serving dinner to company simply add the coordinating napkins and  place mats  from Cassidy’s fabrics and your own dinnerware and  voila you have created an elegant and inviting table for your guests.  The choices in patterns are unlimited.

Or you can do what I did last time I met with Cassidy in my office. Select a few different patterns and create your own original silk pillows and throws.  Here are some of the patterns I looked at…one is more attractive than the next:

Chose two of them for gorgeous pillows I wanted to make for a client’s living room sofa. Truth be told, I had trouble parting with them as they also made unbelievable stunning shawls, and the temptation to keep them for myself was big time!

Want to leave you with Cassidy’s contact person here in the USA.  Her name is Mary Herne and she is  a bevy of knowledge about Cassidy and her work, and is totally passionate about the fabrics., as I assure you will be after your first purchase!